Thunderhawk Super Heavy

Designed for carrying the heaviest of payloads to Earth orbit and beyond. Building on the excellent record and proven design of the Thunderhawk, the Super Heavy can put the equivalent of a fully loaded passenger jetliner into orbit.

Modular Design - Triple Core

Thunderhawk and Thunderhawk Super Heavy

The Thunderhawk Super Heavy consists of three largely standard Thunderhawk cores mated together. Fuel from the outer cores is fed to the inner core’s engines, and when they are nearly empty they drop free in a form of asparagus staging. The commonality with the single-core Thunderhawk reduces costs and allows us to focus our development efforts.

Engine Technology - Talos T30

Talos T30 engine

The Talos T30 is a state-of-the-art liquid-fueled engine, designed and built in-house to be resilient, reliable, and reusable. It burns rocket-grade kerosene and uses liquid oxygen (LOx) as an oxidizer. Each engine produces over 700 kN of thrust, which is comparable to the maximum takeoff thrust of a 787 Dreamliner or the total engine power of three RMS Titanics. The Thunderhawk uses a cluster of nine T30 engines, giving it enough power to lift a car-sized payload into geosynchronous orbit even if one or two fail.

Flexibility - Carry Any Payload

Thunderhawk payloads

The Thunderhawk Super Heavy is a human-rated booster that can be used to send manned capsules to orbit. It can also be used to deliver an unmanned cargo shuttle to a space station in orbit. Of course, this doesn’t compromise its ability to bring heavy satellites into orbit or probes on their journey toward far-off destinations.

Economy - Reusable Booster

Thunderhawk landing

Thunderhawk Super Heavy is a reusable launch system. The asparagus stages return to a landing site and land softly under their own power after separation. This allows it to be easily reused, greatly reducing cost over a disposable or semi-reusable launch system. After recovery, the recovered stages can be refurbished and mated to a new upper stage in a matter of weeks or even days.

Tech Specs

Height: 70m
Mass: 1,462,836kg
Payload (LEO): 53,000kg
Payload (GEO): 21,200kg
Payload (Mars): 21,200kg
Burn Time: 180 seconds
Thrust (sea level): 17,615 kN
Thrust (in vacuum): 20,017 kN

The Thunderhawk Super Heavy launch vehicle is used for both orbital passenger flights and commercial satellite launches.