Our second generation spacecraft, expanding upon the smaller Rincewind Capsule, the magicboat offers a more comfortable traveling experience for up to 5 passengers. The additional cargo space, allows our guests to take more of the comforts of home with them to help make those long duration flights just fly by. New and improved digital controls make a pilot's job easier and the improved waste and power management systems allow the magicboat to remain in space for weeks on it’s own and even months when resupplied. The magicboat is capable of low-earth orbit operations such as trips to the international space station and in the near future, will carry the first private citizens to the moon and beyond.

Endurance - Bigger and Better

magicboat passenger interior

The size of the magicboat gives it greatly increased endurance compared to most other capsules. It can carry more fuel, oxygen, and supplies, allowing it to stay in orbit and keep its passengers alive longer. The greater size also increases passenger comfort, providing more space and more amenities to make longer trips more pleasant.

Flexibility - One Capsule, Many Destinations

magicboat separating

The magicboat capsule can be configured for passengers, cargo, or a mixture of both, though it is generally used for passengers at this time. It is used for orbit trips and trips to the International Space Station, as well as carrying passengers to orbital destinations for commercial customers. In the future, it may become part of a moon or mars transit system.

Reliability - A Near-Perfect Safety Record

magicboat capsule docking

A near-perfect safety records means passengers can be confident that they will come back safely to Earth. There have been no deliberate incidents of sabotage and no accidents with serious loss of life since the beginning of the program.

Economy - Reuse and Refurbish

Rincewind being recovered

The magicboat space capsule is reusable. After splashing down, it is picked up by a recovery vessel and taken back to the assembly facility to be refurbished and recertified. The capsule is launched on the Thunderhawk rocket, which comes back to land and can be quickly turned around and reused. This greatly reduces costs over disposable systems, lowering prices and making the system more accessible.

Tech Specs

Crew: 2 pilots
Capacity: 5 passengers
Mass: 9,500kg
Diameter: 16.5m
Length: 5.0m

The magicboat capsule is used for some orbital tourist flights, most ISS tourist flights, and many contract flights.