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FrontierSpace is one of the leading providers of space launch services in North America. We provide a wide variety of reliable, cost-effective launch solutions that work for your business. Our focus is on satellite launches, but we can and have delivered cargo, probes, and people to locations in space. Every launch is backed by ten years of experience and a personal guarantee.

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A CubeSat is a type of miniaturized satellite used primarily for education and research. A one-unit (1U) sized CubeSat has a volume of exactly 1 liter and has a mass of no more than 1.33Kg. CubeSats are scalable in one dimension, with 2U and 4U as common sizes and some up to 12U. Its simple design makes it possible produce a workable satellite at low cost. It also takes away the prohibitive amount of managerial work that would previously be required for mating a piggyback satellite with its launcher. This enables quick exchanges of payloads and utilization of launch opportunities on short notice.

Containerized Launch

The container system greatly reduces the cost and engineering required for a satellite launch. It was developed by our engineers to bring the advantages of the CubeSat format to larger payloads. The payload is packed into a standardized container, assembled and ready to launch, and shipped to the launch facility. Because the containers have predefined attachment points and support systems in the container, this greatly reduces the engineering effort of mating a satellite to its launcher. Many containers can be packed onto a launcher, which reduces the cost of launching. The end result is a drastic reduction in the cost of setting up a satellite launch.

Bulk Launch

FrontierSpace also offers single-satellite and multi-satellite launches. We work closely with our customers to integrate payload and launcher at industry-leading prices.


Our launchers can directly insert a payload into Low Earth Orbit or Medium Earth Orbit at any inclination, as well as geosynchronous or geostationary orbit. They can also provide the initial launch for payloads with their own insertion or transit stage.





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